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Earth Day Clean Up At Old A's

April 22, 2018

Beach Clean Up on Earth Day at Old Airport in beautiful Kailua-Kona!


Mahalo to everyone who came out to help clean up on Earth Day wherever that may have been!! CLEAN Rewards had a great turn out on at Old Airport here in Kailua-Kona with support from local vendors to reward those who help clean up our beautiful plant!

Ola Brew Co. and Magic Beach Grill were supporting the cause by giving discounts to participants of the clean up. together we remove over 100 lbs of an assortment of cigarette butts, bottle caps, candy wrappers, HI-5, single use plastic, ocean debris, even hypodermic needles, meth pipes, and diapers, among many other things. It is sad to see that this beach is always in need of cleaning between local litter and ocean trash.

Also a out there cleaning the beach with us on Earth Day was Kona Brew Co. Together we helped make this beautiful beach a little cleaner and safer for everyone visiting.

When will our addition to plastic stop? Will we change before it's too late? What will be left for future generations?

Thanks to the participants of CLEAN Rewards Old A's beach clean up:

Brittany Claveran, Lee & Lynn Carlson, Laura Umpeire, Lisa Blech, Rachelle & Quintin Decker, Marcie Eynon, Morten Larsen, Susie Jason, Gabby Hensiuel, Taryn Wagner, Ryanne Kelso, Dustin Derrick, Jan Roberts, Arica L. Ogren, Leah Winkler, Jessica Rogers, Stephanie Davis, Geronimo, Daniel Christiansen, Marketa Murray, Ronan Murray, Sharon Seban, Natalie Jocane, Boce Cubitt and Tatiana Zimmer!

Some pictures from our clean up below:

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