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Old A's Beach Clean Up!

January 14th 2018

Old A's Beach Clean Up.

Mahalos to everyone who came out to help clean up some of Old Airport here in Kailua-Kona!!

This is a beautiful beach here on the Big Island of Hawaii and unfortunately it is always littered with both ocean debris and local trash like cigarette butts, plastic cutlery, plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic cups, plastic lids, plastic containers, plastic wrappers of all kinds, plastic bottle caps, styrofoam containers, ropes, diapers, cans, broken glass among other pollutants.

This clean up was made possible by a group of extraordinary "earth protectors" listed below:

Boce Cubitt, Dustin Derreck, Rachel Hogan, Marketa Murray, Diana Stanczykova, Kathy & David Vance, Liz Curry, Loren Jessup and Keoni & Diana Clifford

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