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    "CLEAN the Earth & earn Reward$!"



  • Our Vision

    Creating a system of reward for those who help clean our beautiful planet.

    CLEAN Coins

    Business Partnership

    Creating awareness through motivation by CLEAN COIN$.

    CLEAN Rewards is searching for businesses here on the Big Island of Hawaii and beyond who will reward our "earth protectors" with products and services. Creating a system of reward where anyone can take some time to clean up a beach, park, roadside or other area of trash and earn CLEAN COIN$ that can be redeemed for food, clothing, activities and more.


    **We currently have some environmentally conscious local businesses (listed below) giving our volunteers FREE and/or discounted items and services.


    NOTE: CLEAN COIN$ coming soon!

    Think globally.

    Global Action Is Needed

    Plastic and other pollution is a global problem and needs global action.

    It is CLEAN Rewards' goal to work with the brightest emerging "earth protectors" around the world to help clean our planet starting here on the Big Island of Hawaii. We want to educate our youth on sustainable practices and promote against the destruction of our environment.

  • Watch "A Plastic Ocean" Movie Trailer Below:

    Please watch this eye opening, must see documentary!

    -Also available on Netflix-

    A Plastic Ocean



  • Cleanup Schedule 🤙😍

    Future Cleanups will be listed below:


    May 26, 2019: Keauhou Bay Cleanup

    Come out and help cleanup with us! We have local business who want to reward you for your cleaning efforts!👉🏽🎟👀

    You can come help for an hour or stay and help all day!

    We will have buckets, gloves, and a limited number of grabbers available for use. Please bring your favorite reusable water container to help stay hydrated.





    Keauhou Bay, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740


    If you would like to be part of this clean up effort you can RSVP by email, facebook, or simply show up ready to help.

    Hope to see you there!


    CLEAN🌎Reward$ Team



    Do you have a truck? Would you like to help host a Cleanup?


    CLEAN🌎Reward$ is currently looking for people in West Hawaii who would like to help host cleanups.

    We will have buckets, gloves, and some grabbers available for people to use, plus a water cooler that can be filled to help people stay hydrated.


    If you are interested in helping out, please text or email us!


    CLEAN🌎Reward$ Team

    text: (971) 226-8289


  • Partnering Businesses

    These Earth conscious local companies are rewarding our volunteers with FREE or discounted items!

    (CLEAN COIN$ coming soon)

    If you own a business and would like to support us, please fill in the information below and submit:

  • Drop Us A Note:



    75-6081 Al'i Dr. K101
    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740
    (971) 226-8289
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